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18th,19th & early 20th century
Fine & Country French Antiques
Directly shipped from France,
18th, 19th & early 20th century
Over 300 period & style items ranging from Louis XIV,
early 18th, to Art Nouveau and include Regence,
Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directoire, Empire, Restauration,
Louis Philippe, Napoleon III and ...

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Our Current Auction in Canada is:

Our April 29th auction is at a NEW location!

12:00pm - 7:00pm Sunday April 27th
12:00pm - 5:00pm Monday April 28th
Additional times informally the day of the auction
Auction at: 6:00pm

A.H. Wilkens Auctions & Appraisals
299 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario

[A.H. Wilkens Website]

Don`t miss it ! Everything must sell...
More previews will be available soon!

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